With Covid-19 and the uncertainty of how much we will accomplish in 2021 the executive decided to shy away from awarding class champions for this year. Points will be accumulated for bragging rights but we wont be have our year end prizes for 2021.

In lue of the year end awards we have decided to offer up some prizes to our class winning members at an ADRA event. 


There still is 6 identified races for the 2021 season.


We have a number of incentives and contingency programs that will be available to ADRA members throughout the 2021 season. Please remember to sign up early for all your member benefits and to continue to support all the ADRA programs and sponsors that continue to support drag racing in our region.


Any questions, please contact your ADRA representative.


2021 Program and Prizes 

The ADRA is very excited about heading into our 24th year. Our great sponsor list makes all of this possible, and we are pleased to announce that we have once again put together an awesome list of programs for the 2021 racing season.

This season has provided lots of challenges for the executive to come up with a program that would work for anything that might be thrown at us......

with that being said we decided to take the funds that we normally use for our year end awards and off them to our members that are event winners. 


So here is what an ADRA member is eligible to get.

Super Pro / Pro / Bike-Sled / Sportsman will receive $100, Class winner Hat, and class winner Decal for 1st place and $50 for 2nd.

Junior Dragster will get Class winner Hat and Decal for 1st and a T-Shirt for 2nd.


 Our friends Massage Experts ,they have given us the gift of relaxation!

A 1 hr  treatment for Massage. This prize will be given out to the best loosing package. What better way to easy your frustration with being so close to the win light.


Mr. Glenn MacLean at MACLEAN PERFORMANCE in Hunter River, PEI is a great supporter of Drag Racing in our region. Glenn is offering a contingency program for the 2019 season and will pay $100.00 for 1st and $50.00 for 2nd at each completed ADRA points event. The ADRA member must have purchased $800.00 in product from MACLEAN PERFORMANCE and display his contingency decal on the vehicle. Glenn also provides parts and service at the track, just see him in the MacLean Performance Trailer.


 The ADRA “BEST LIGHT” will continue to offer $100 at each of our 6 points races. If you think you have the best light in eliminations, take your time slip to the ADRA promotions trailer for your chance at the ADRA BEST LIGHT prize. Remember, in case of a tie, the first slip shown will be declared the winner. Eligibility is for ADRA members only.


Also for this season will be the R&D Performance “Racer Appreciation Program”. At five ADRA races, a random tech card will be drawn for a identified class. The lucky racer will then receive a $100.00 gift certificate from R&D Performance Center. The winner must be an ADRA member to be eligible.


Again for 2021 is the ADRA’s Perfect Pass Contest. If you are a current ADRA member and make a perfect pass during an elimination round of an ADRA points race or at the Team race, your name will go into a draw for a great prize package valued at over $500.


**These programs are available exclusively to ADRA members. Join Today!!