ADRA Members,

First off we hope that you and your family are currently staying safe during this difficult period and rather challenging times. We also want to thank you for your continued support of the Atlantic Drag Racing Association.

The Executive of the Atlantic Drag Racing Association are hopeful that we are moving forward through some of these challenges and that we can look forward to a successful return to the sport we all enjoy at our 3 Maritime drag tracks for the upcoming 2021 season.

At this time we are eagerly looking forward to the return of the “Atlantic Bubble” in the coming weeks and the return to our ability to travel both within our own province as well as the Maritime region. The ADRA, in partnership with all three tracks, will plan to safely complete and hold an event if we can effectively function within the Covid-19 provincial health guidelines in place at the time of each event.

As for the difficult challenge of predicting both a season long outlook and with the uncertainty of our ability to hold our various year end gatherings and celebrations in the fall, we have, for the current season developed a REVISED/NEW ADRA incentive program. This program will be in exchange of our past year end awards and will however, increase both the cash awards and prizes that the ADRA will give back to our current members on a race by race basis for 2021. These will be for the 6 scheduled ADRA events for 2021 and will be add-on programs to each track’s normal payouts to ensure that all current ADRA members will have the opportunity to not only win some great prizes but also continue to enjoy the added incentives of being a member of the ADRA. More details will become available in the coming weeks as we continue to finalize both our ADRA sponsors and prize items.

The Atlantic Drag Racing Association will as always continue to actively promote all our 3 member tracks and the sport of Drag Racing in the Atlantic Region and we look forward to seeing all our sponsors, fans, friends and fellow racers at one of the many scheduled events during the upcoming 2021 season.

So now is the time to renew your ADRA membership, blow any of the dust off that race vehicle and start to get ready for what might be a new normal for some events but still the same excitement and enjoyment of seeing all our old and new racing family at the track and feeding our need for speed. You can visit the ADRA on line at to renew your membership or other information.

We once again THANK YOU for your past support and look forward to seeing you at the track as soon as possible and always remember to safely “Race on the Track, Not the Streets”