On behalf of the ADRA executive  we would  like to wish our Members, Sponsors, and Fans a  Happy New Year!

Lets hope  2021 will bring us

back to the tracks!

2020 ADRA Big Ticket draw 

winner is Peter Carpenter.

The ADRA had there AGM and we looked at moving forward with our points series for 2021. We understand that we have hurdles to face with everything in todays world and how things change at a moments notice. At the meeting there were some motions made but the big one was to extend the current executive for another year. This will allow us to keep moving forward with our points series.

The CBDRA did a tremendous amount of work to be able to host 3 races this past summer having COVID protocols in place and there was amazing support from everyone present at the track doing there part to keep everyone safe. The CBDRA were more than willing to share what they done to the other track operators to help them to prepare for the 2021 season.

The big thing we all need is for everyone to be onboard with what if put forth by the tracks. We have a new normal that isn't favored by everyone but necessary for us to do the things we love.

We wish or Members, Sponsors and supporters families to be safe and well in these times.