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Race day prizes members qualify for!!!!

Impression Promotions "PERFECT LIGHT" 

Bring you time slip to the ADRA Trailer during eliminations on Sunday

To get you chance to win a prize pack from IMPREESSION PROMOTIONS

The first Perfect .000 light or the best light on the day will win!!







R&D Performance Tech Card Draw


Members will have the opportunity to win themselves a $100 gift card 

from our friends at R&D at each race. Winner will be picked via Tech cards.


Our good friends at Massage Experts understand how much work we put into or rides.

Members at each race will have the chance to win a free massage.

Winners will be picked via tech Cards at each race.





                    OVER $ 30,000 AVAILABLE TO ADRA MEMBERS


For the upcoming 2023 ADRA POINTS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES, the series structure will follow last year’s format and continue to maintain the all-inclusive nature of the ADRA and will assist in continuing to promote the importance of attending all three of our great maritime drag racing facilities.

                                                                                      ** 2023 SEASON NOTES **


During the 2023 season, there will be only 1 designated ADRA point series event at each of the 3 participating tracks. Current ADRA members in all 5 divisions will be eligible to accumulate points for both attendance as well as round wins within their selected class for racing on that designated weekend. Points will be accumulated on the designated track point’s day.


**2023 SEASON NOTES **


If a member wishes to collect points and or payouts in more than one class during the season, that racer must purchase a second membership and register as a member in both classes. If you have 2 or more vehicles in one class, a membership must be purchased for each vehicle. Bike and Sleds can only accumulate points in their respective class at Cape Breton Dragway.


    ** 2023 SEASON NOTES **


Following the first 3 events, the ADRA will tabulate the points accumulated to date and set the updated standings for the final ADRA Championship Weekend which is scheduled to be held at Miramichi Dragway on SEPT 30th  – Oct 1st , 2023.


              ** 2023 SEASON NOTES **       



Each class will have a predetermined number of racers eligible to compete for the final class championship.  Points accumulated within the regular class of racing on the final weekend will help to determine the overall champions for the 2023 Edition of the ADRA Points Championship Series.


           ** 2023 SEASON NOTES **


The ADRA in 2023 will be awarding each event class winner, runner up and semi-final finishers with additional awards and prizes above any regular track payouts. Note: Racers MUST be current ADRA members before start of eliminations to receive added prizes and bonuses.


The ADRA is confident that the new format will continue to entice more racers to compete in the ADRA points series. In addition there will be a number of incentive and contingency programs that will be available to ADRA members throughout the 2023 season. Please remember to sign up early for all your member benefits and to continue to support all your ADRA programs and sponsors that continue to support your drag racing in our region.


Any questions, please contact your ADRA representative.








  • 3  Races within the Regular Season





  • Event Winners Per Class

      (S/P, PRO, B/S and S/M)

  • 1st Place - $ 250

  • 2nd Place - $ 125

  • Semis (ea) - $ 50

  • 20 points show per event                                           

  • 10 points per round win

  • 3 points to winner                                                                                                      

  • 2 points to runner-up                                                 

  • 1 point per semi-final                                                

  • Qualifying Bonus Points                   

       Note: Junior Dragster Class to receive special prizes


Points will be reset following race # 3


Top # finishers with total points accumulated in Regular Season will be eligible for Championship

8 Super Pro

8 Pro

6 Bike/Sled

6 Sportsman

6 Junior Dragsters


Points on Championship weekend will be accumulated within the regular class event on that weekend to determine the overall season champion



Should there be any ties within the final standing, the following will determine the final standings/results:


  1. Regular Season Points Results

  2. Regular Season Round Wins

  3. Best Losing Package on Deciding Round on Championship Weekend

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